Application Information


The Parya Foundation Scholarship Program (PTSP) will be accepting applications from Iranian students for the academic year 2019-2020. The program is designed to grant scholarships to eligible candidates who study at a college or university in Canada.

We start accepting applications from June 1st, 2019 to October 1st, 2019.

Each application must include all the required documents in one package. Please do not send your documents spread over several emails. Some schools start their registrations in the first week of September. In such cases, the proof of registration may be sent to Parya after other documents are submitted.

How to Apply

A List of Available Scholarships is provided on a separate page. Please read the complete description of each scholarship and the relevant eligibility conditions, in particular the required field of study. The donors of these scholarships have chosen their preferred field of study but there are instances that we may not have enough qualified applicants in one field of study. In such cases, we may shift funds to support other fields of study that may not have been announced in our list. Please notice that you do not need to specify for which of our many scholarships you are applying. Considering the entire group of the applicants, the Scholarship Committee makes the most allocation to successful candidates.

List of Required Documents

Applicants must send the following documents

  • A completed application form (Download here)

  • A copy of academic transcript

  • A personal statement (maximum one page, single spaced - find a sample here)

  • A personal declaration of applicant’s financial situation (find a sample here)

  • A copy of applicant’s picture

  • Two letters of reference

  • Proof of registration for the academic year 2019-20

Referees must send their letter of reference directly to Parya. Any applicant who has submitted letters of reference in last year’s application does not need to supply new letters of reference.

Full Time/Part Time Studies

Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time program of study at a Canadian accredited institution. In most cases, “full time status” describes enrollment in at least 5 half-credit courses per term, or 10 half-credit courses per academic year (total of 5 full credits). See the definition of full-time status at your institution’s webpage.

Observing Application Deadline

All applications and supporting documents must be submitted to Parya Foundation by the specified deadline of October 1, 2019. We expect all applicants to be registered at their institutions before this deadline.

If your admission is for January 2020, you may still apply and provide your letter of admission instead of proof of registration. In such a case no fund would be released to the applicant until January registration is completed.

Academic Transcript

Applicants are responsible for obtaining and submitting a copy of their academic transcripts. Please note that uncertified copies of transcripts will be accepted, however if applicant is short-listed for a scholarship, we may ask him/her to supply a certified academic transcript.

Where to Send Your Application

All applications must be submitted online to:

Parya Scholarship Application Office

Fax Enquiries:

Fax. (905) 764-3775