How to Apply

We now accept applications for academic year 2021-22.
Deadline to apply is August 31, 2021

General Information

Donors and friends of the program fund the Parya Foundation Scholarship Program (PTSP). In any academic year, the number of applicants may exceed the number of available scholarships. The Scholarship Committee allocates the available scholarships on a competitive basis. Academic performance as well as financial needs are two of the few factors considered in the allocation process.



The Parya Foundation Scholarship Program (PTSP) will be accepting applications from Iranian students for the academic year 2020-2021. All Iranian students who study at a publicly funded university or college in Canada are eligible to apply for scholarship

Application Deadline

Application deadline is August 31, 2021

Full Time/Part Time Studies

Applicants must be enrolled in a full-time program of study at a Canadian accredited institution. In most cases, “full time status” describes enrollment in at least five half-credit courses per term, or 10 half-credit courses per academic year (total of five full credits). See the definition of full-time status at your institution’s webpage.

Application Procedure

While we have provided a list of available scholarships in a separate sheet, students do not apply for a specific scholarship. The Scholarship Committee matches students to the available scholarships. The donors of these scholarships have chosen their preferred field of study but there are instances that we may not have enough qualified applicants in one field of study. In such cases, we may shift funds to support other fields of study that may not have been announced in our list.

List of Required Documents

Applicants must send the following documents

  1. A completed application form (Download here)
  2. A copy of academic transcript for the past two years
  3. A personal statement (maximum one page, single spaced - find a sample here)
  4. A personal declaration of applicant’s financial situation (find a sample here)
  5. A copy of applicant’s picture
  6. Two letters of recommendation
  7. Proof of latest registration
  8. Visa students should provide a copy of their visa

You should submit your Application Form in WORD format. Hand written application form or PDF format is not acceptable. The application form contains space for the above items 3 and 4.


Letters of Recommendation

Referees must send their letters of recommendation directly to Parya. Any applicant who has submitted letters of recommendation in last year’s application does not need to supply new letters of recommendation. References are typically professors or research supervisors who are familiar with student’s performance and potentials.


Academic Transcript

Applicants are responsible for obtaining and submitting a copy of their academic transcripts for their last two years of study. Please note that uncertified copies of transcripts will be accepted, however if applicant is short-listed for a scholarship, we may ask them to supply a certified academic transcript.

Other Documents

The applicants selected to receive a scholarship must supply the following three items before receiving their scholarship.

1. A passport size picture of the applicant. Some applicants may have provided their picture when they apply.

     2. A short letter of appreciation addressed to the sponsor their scholarship.

     3. Applicant’s SIN, we need them to issue T4A forms. Scholarships are not taxable items but student must report them in their tax returns. We will advise students on safe method of sending their SIN to Parya Foundation

Where to Send Your Application

Applicants must submit their application by email to Parya Scholarship Application Office