How to Apply

We now accept applications for academic year 2022-23.
Deadline to apply is September 11, 2022

Please read the following eight points carefully before applying

  1. The number of available scholarships for each academic year depends on the funds raised to support scholarships in that particular year.
  2. The experience shows that the number of scholarship applications each academic year is more than the number of available scholarships. A selection committee will review all applications and select the ones who would receive scholarships. We would send the list of recipients to all applicants.
  3. We ask you to avoid sending unnecessary emails as much as possible. The volunteers who read the emails have a limited amount of time. Last year, the 300 or so applicants and their references sent us over 1500 emails.
  4. We ask you to send a completed application package in a single email. The only document that you may send separately is your proof of registration for the fall term, as some universities accept registration in late August or early September.
  5. We do not send emails of acknowledging the receipt of the application but from time to time, we send mass emails to all applicants providing some necessary information. If you receive such emails that would be an indication that we have received your application.
  6. The email system of some universities considers mass emails as junk mail and block them. We are asking you to provide us with two emails in case if one of them rejects our communication.
  7. Depending on the number of applications, processing applicants’ files and getting them ready for review by the selection commit may take several weeks or up to a month and a half after the deadline for application. In their deliberation, the selection committee considers students’ achievements as well as their financial needs. Please do not send emails asking for the names of selected recipients. Once the selection committee has made their decision, we will send the list of recipients to students who applied.
  8. You should submit your Application Form in WORD format. This will assist us to transport the content to our database used by the selection committee. Hand written application form or PDF format is not acceptable.


Application is open to Iranian students who study at a publicly funded university or college in Canada. Students attending private institutions may not apply.

Full Time/Part Time Studies

Application is open to individuals enrolled as a full-time student. In many institutions, “full time status” means enrollment in at least five half-courses per term, or 10 half-courses per academic year (total of five full course). Your institution has the definition of full-time study.

Letters of Recommendation

Referees must send their letters of recommendation directly to Parya. Any applicant who has submitted letters of recommendation in last year’s application does not need to supply new letters of recommendation. References are typically professors or supervisors who are familiar with students’ achievements and potentials.

Academic Transcript

Applicants are responsible for obtaining and submitting a copy of their academic transcripts for their last two years of study. Please note that uncertified copies of transcripts will be accepted, however if applicant is short-listed for a scholarship, we may ask them to supply a certified academic transcript.

Other Documents

The applicants selected to receive a scholarship must supply the following three items before receiving their scholarship.

1. A passport size picture of the applicant. Some applicants may have provided their picture when they apply.

2. A short letter of appreciation addressed to the person or organization sponsoring their scholarship.

3. Applicant’s SIN, we need them to issue T4A forms. Scholarships are not taxable income but student must report them in their tax returns. This is for Canada Revenue Agency to ascertain that the students have received the funds raised for scholarship. We will advise students on safe method of sending their SIN to Parya Foundation.

List of Required Documents

Applicants must send the following documents

  1. A completed application form (Download here)
  2. A copy of academic transcript for the past two years
  3. A personal statement (maximum one page, single spaced - find a sample here)
  4. A personal declaration of applicant’s financial situation (find a sample here)
  5. A copy of applicant’s picture
  6. Two letters of recommendation
  7. Proof of latest registration
  8. Visa students should provide a copy of their visa

You should submit your Application Form in WORD format. Hand written application form or PDF format is not acceptable. The application form contains space for the above items 3 and 4.


Where to Send Your Application

Applicants must submit their application by email to Parya Scholarship Application Office