Academic Year 2021-2022


General Information for Donors

We established the Parya Foundation Scholarship Program (PFSP) in the Spring of 2018. The purpose of this program is to support Iranian students who are studying at a publicly funded institution in Canada, have demonstrated academic excellence, and are in need of financial assistance.

In establishing this program, it is our hope to help the recipients of this scholarship offset their educational expenses, in order to provide Iranian students with equal opportunity and representation across fields and disciplines of study.

Our community outreach projects would not be possible without the generous support of our donors and sponsors. In order to sustain and extend the reach of this initiative, we invite community members to contribute to this worthwhile program.

We welcome financial contributions of any amount (from individuals and corporations) for which donors will receive a tax-deductible receipt.

We would also like to offer our donors the opportunity to establish a fund in honour of an individual, company, or cause. Donors of $1500 or more may choose to name their scholarship in consultation with the PFSP Committee.

Donors may also indicate their preference to support certain fields of study. The Scholarship Committee will honour the wish of the donors. On certain occasions, we may have more scholarships available in one field than the number of applicants and in another field have more applicants than the number of scholarships. In such situations, the Scholarship Committee allows to use the excess of funds for scholarships in the fields of study that are short of scholarship fund.

We pool donations of less than $1500 to offer scholarships issued through Parya.

Please note that Parya Foundation will absorb the cost of administration and accounting for this program. As such, we award 100% of all donations received for scholarship to recipients.

Aligned with the philosophy of our beloved poet, Saadi, we value the importance of establishing a legacy through collective benevolence. To borrow from Saadi’s wisdom: “The legacy of leaving a good name behind is better than leaving a golden palace.”

The Scholarship Committee administers PFSP. The Scholarship Committee is responsible for setting the guidelines governing the funds as well as the selection process.

Our all-volunteer Scholarship Committee (in alphabetical order) is composed of:

Dr.Ozhand Ganjavian -Chair
Dr.Ala Mohaghegh
Mr.Omid Alaei
Mrs.Elham Abdoulahi
Mrs.Bahar Banayian
Mr.Ahmad Tabizi

For more information about this project, and how to get involved, please contact Parya Foundation: